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Smith Estate V. Rotstein

Apr 15, 2010

In this estates case, Mr. Shekter represented the Estate Trustee and Executor in connection with a will challenge brought by the Executor’s sister who alleged that her mother’s will was invalid. In an almost unprecedented proceeding in the context of estate litigation, Mr. Shekter successfully brought a summary judgment motion to strike out the sister’s objections to the will and obtain probate of the mother’s will. The objector filed 54 volumes of evidence. But it failed to satisfy the judge that the objector had any basis to attach the will. In a follow up and also unprecedented proceedings, Mr. Shekter sought and obtained an order requiring the objector to personally pay to her brother almost $800,000 in full indemnity costs, which virtually underwrote all of the Executor’s legal fees. The objector appealed the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Mr. Shekter was successful at each level of appeal. The case ended after the costs award was upheld.


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A couple years later I was hit by a motor vehicle and was airlifted to the trauma center in the hospital. My family was worried, frightened and did not know what to do. A phone call was made to Alden's office and that's when Wanda took over and advised us and guided us every step of the way.

Myself and my family will like to thank you Alden very very much....... you are worthy to be praised for the wonderful work that you do and the help and assurance that you give. You are to be trusted.

I will always remember you with great gratitude. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that needs a good lawyer.

Bill Loucas


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