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Richard Shekter featured on AdvocateDaily.com: Thin-skulled victims protected by tort law principle

Oct 24, 2018

The thin-skulled doctrine is a significant part of the everyday work of medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers, says Toronto litigator Richard Shekter.

Shekter, a partner with Shekter Dychtenberg LLP, says the tort law concept comes into play because of the varying ways identical incidents can impact different individuals.

“It’s a daily issue for someone working in this area,” he tells AdvocateDaily.com, explaining that the principle dates back to ancient English common law and gets its name from a common example used to demonstrate it.

“If I negligently drop two plates out of a window and they hit two different people on the head in the same spots, one might have a headache for a few days, while another with a thin skull could suffer significant brain injury,” Shekter says.

“The damages will be much greater for the thin-skulled victim, but when there is negligence, it’s the wrongdoer who bears the risk of loss, because you take your victims as you find them.

“It's common in personal injury litigation that individuals respond differently to the same traumatic event, whether physically or psychologically,” he adds.

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In 2013 a vehicle hit our car in which I was the passenger. The accident left me with major headaches, dizziness, big sensitivity to lights, back pains and very intolerant to noise (even the fridge noise).

I was depressed, anxious and very frustrated. For months the insurance company was brushing it off as nothing and I had no idea of how to get the help that I needed.

When I first met Alden, he told me that I can trust him to help me. Very quickly he put together a team of knowledgeable professionals, providing me with the help that I so badly needed. At the time, I was afraid and very anxious! Alden and his team were understanding, compassionate, caring, encouraging, always reassuring, as well as very respectful, and professional. God answered my prayers for help and sent Alden to help with the process. Alden cared very much for my well-being and fought for my care. He also made himself and his wonderful staff very accessible to me at all times – just like a family does.

Thank you Alden – may God bless you, your business and your staff. I appreciate all that you have done. You can be trusted.

Connie Juva

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